AZBR Is an Intelligence Gathering Organization

Our mission is to provide intelligence to the public in matters relating to the trafficking activities originating from the international border in Arizona.


Pro Patria Et Unitate

Latin for For Country and Unity, our motto expresses our intention of what we do. We took an oath, and that oath never expires. We believe in absolute transparency in who we are, and what we do. That includes how we do things. To maintain that transparency, we publish our Standard Operating Procedures and Rules of Engagement for all to review and see. All personnel are required to maintain a current version, as well as sign documents and have them notarized showing their understanding of them and willingness to comply.

Our cadre are well versed in the laws applicable to our operations. We maintain our respect for the rule of law, and as mentioned previously, we are not here to replace enforcers. We have, and will continue to operate within the bounds of the law, and expect all personnel participating with us to do the same. There are no exceptions to our standards.

We value human life, and to that extent we will do what we can to help anyone we encounter. Any individuals we come across are treated humanely: food, water, and medical aid are given.