Arizona Border Recon

Provide intelligence and security services.

In partnership with the United States Customs and Border Patrol.

Who We Are

AZBR consists of former military, law enforcement and private security Americans unified under a guiding principle: service. Our team took an oath, and that oath is taken seriously. Highly trained, highly motivated, we’ve come together under a common goal; continuing the service to our fellow citizens has no greater honor for us. Formed in 2011, AZBR has been a mainstay along the southwestern border where others have come and gone. Our focus on obtaining intelligence through reconnaissance operations sets us apart from many other groups. We take on the challenge of locating and documenting the smuggling activities and players within our borders.

Who We Are NOT


Arizona Border Recon is a non-government organization. We are not affiliated with any form of government, nor are we a militia. Our objective is not to overthrow any government, or take the law into our own hands. We are not here to replace the Border Patrol. We operate within the scope of the law as citizens, by observing and reporting what we see. We take the law very seriously, and to that end we ensure our members are knowledgeable in the applicable areas of law that govern civil rights, use of force, citizens arrest and many more. This ensures our members are acting appropriately, are safe, and provides for the individuals we come into contact with by affording them the same humane and civil treatment.